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Not exactly cooking, but food related...

14 years ago

I've gotten into the habit of carrying all the mismatched totebags I've accumulated in the back of the car, so I remember to take them into the store with me. (I tend to shop impromptu!) They were a pretty motley crew, so I decided to make some matching ones. (Could be the only area of my life where I'm coordinated....)

I started with a pair out of plain canvas, just to see if it was as easy as it seemed. (Then dressed them up a little because I just can't leave well enough alone.)

Then I found some great outdoor fabric on sale, so I made some prettier ones.

With each incarnation, I got a little fancier -- this is a bad shot of the little key fob and pocket I put in the last three:


I decided I really only needed a few, so I put the extras out at the big neighborhood yard sale -- and ended up selling them all.

And now, all the mismatched ones I had seem to have been taken over by various knitting projects in progress -- so I'm back where I started, with plans to make myself another set next weekend.

If you're in need of bags, they couldn't be simpler to make. I have very rudimentary skills, and the plain canvas ones took me about 30 minutes to make -- including ironing on the decals -- and they cost about $2.

And they make nice gifts, too!

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