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Help me with Sofas(Leather vs Fabric??)

14 years ago

Hello all, We are just about to buy the Sofas for our FR and I was wondering if you guys could give me your opinions on some of the things that I'm wondering about the fabric sofas. I've always liked leather sofa, just for the fact that they are easy maintenance.

Our current sofas are leather and abt 10yrs old, there is some damage to the leather just on the outside but no sagging at all and I've always liked those sofas. But they do look old.

Husband likes to buy fabric and his reasoning is that leather gets cold. We have 2 little kids and the FR is our goto area so its used pretty well on a daily basis. It is where we entertain our casual freinds and there are many. Sometimes kids eat on the sofa while watching TV. We've had some spills before and I expect them in future. The thought of spills, runny noses, dust collection drives me away from fabric. The analogy that I have is in terms of flooring (leather sofa=wood) and (Fabric sofa=carpet)

Could you please give me your opinions and experiences about fabric sofas. How do you keep them clean? What do you do with the dust? etc etc. Your responses are much appreicated. Thanks

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