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Down to 3: Please help me buy a washer on Monday!!!!

13 years ago

My 3 selections are all top loaders with the newer style non-agitators. But they vary widely in price.

1. LG WT5101 (Steam Washer) and matching steam dryer LG DLEX5101W

On sale at BB: $764.99 each

2. Kenmore White 4.3 I.E.C. Equivalent Capacity Top Load Washer, Model 28002

On sale for at Sears for $575.99 (Can't remember dryer price)...maybe $650.

Question: What does the "allergen" cycle mean? Does it kill bacteria like steam...or not as good?

3. Whirlpool Cabrio 4.3 WTW5600XW

Dryer WED5600XW.

On sale at Sears for $461.99 each. A bit smaller than the others. Still seems like a good value. Much higher price elsewhere ($549, $599)

I am very confused. There are too many options.

I would be washing quilts and pet beds as well as regular laundry. Would love a washer/dryer that can do non-wool sweaters without shrinking or wrinkling.

Please send your opinions and please let me know what are the pros/cons to having a steam washer/dryer?

Who has the best service contracts? Do I need one?

I promised myself I'd order SOMETHING tomorrow.

HELP!!! I have never bought a washer/dryer before. Thank you sooooo much!

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