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Kenmore HE3t Front loading washer & dryer - advice please

15 years ago

Recently, I bought a Kenmore Elite (HE3t) Smartwash Quietpak4 frontloading automatic washer. Paid a little over $1,000 for each (after their sale offer). Have been using them for 3 weeks, but found out that the clothes still smell. They don't smell as clean as the freshly washed ones from my old top loading washer. The dryer also doesn't dry the first time. I ended up doing the drying at least a couple of times even though I set it on the heavy load cycle and more dry mode. I bought these appliances in a hurry because my old dryer broke down and I thought I would be nice to get a new dryer with its matching washer. I also came to realize that there are differences in the front loading models. The washer I got doesn't have water jets while there are others which have and would do a better job of cleaning, I suppose. At the time of purchase, the sales people did not make this difference known to me. I wish they had. As a first time user and also in a hurry to buy one to replace my broken appliance, I think I didn't make a wise purchase. Now, I'm regretting that decision. So, I've been thinking of returning them to Sears, but find out that I have to bear the 15% restocking charge for each one of them. Still, I think I should return them because they aren't working out to my satisfaction.

Meanwhile, I've been looking into alternative brand names like LG Tromm WM2277HW XL Front Load Stackable Washing Machine with 7 washing progrms. They work out to be $899 (for the washer) and $849 (or the dryer) from Home Depot.

And the other one recommended by Lowe's is Samsung Washer and Dryer (3.8 cu ft capacity) for $898 (washer) and $748 (dryer). I also prefer them to be stackable because of limited space. At this moment, I really would appreciate if some of you who have more experience with the frontloading washer and dryer to offer your feedback on your experience with different models. It's one thing to hear a salesman's talk and it's another to find out from consumers of these products. Your input will be most valuable. Thanks so much.

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