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need urgent advice about water heater and water tank purchase

13 years ago


We are supposed to make a decision asap about what we want to do regarding updating our water heater and water tank.

Could you please help us answer the following questions:

1. Are some brands better than others for both of these products? Which one would you say is least problem free and most $ economical - i.e. value.

2. how do we decide if we need 140,000 or 175,000 BTU (our house is less than 3K square feet)

3. Any specific feedback regarding Peerless Models (80% efficiency: MI-05). 3a. What would we gain by going to a 90% efficiency?

4. Any feedback regarding Bock industries 50 gallon water heater?

5. We are in NY tristate area. Any ballpark price inclusive of the unit, removal of old unit and install of new unit you can suggest to guide us (for water heater and hot water tank)?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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