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Can we talk about....... Rice?

13 years ago

Rice. I've pretty much made long grain white rice my whole cooking career because that's what my mother made. I usually serve it as a side dish and usually use chicken broth instead of water to give it some flavor. I'll sometimes add in a veggie (frozen peas or sautéed onions for example). Usually I'll add in turmeric if I remember. OK. Pretty mundane.

I recently decided to make a "rice-a-roni" type mixture so I've started mixing in a bit of mini-vermicelli noodles and some wild rice into the mix. I will probably add in brown rice next. And I've switched over from "long grain" to jasmine.

But I'm looking for other ways to jazz up rice as a side dish. I'd like to make it more interesting or flavorful or unusual.

What kinds of things do you do with rice when you serve it on the side?

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