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Anyone read 'never Say Diet' by Chantel Hobbs?

15 years ago

I picked it up at the library the other day. She lost 200 pounds in 2 years, has a lot of before and after pix, and was on Oprah etc. She talks about the first 4 weeks, doing 30 minutes cardio five days a week, in a row, she started at the gym with a recumbent bike, then after the 4 weeks, phase into eating 5 small (300-400 cal meals, keeping a food journal, adding strength training etc. The main theme or message is a change in the way you think, make it a lifestyle not a diet. I certainly need some motivation. I do not have 200 pounds to lose, but I am also a lot older than she is. I need to lose 50. Since my DH and I both retired in '08 we cannot afford to join a gym but I do have a recumbent bike in the garage. I know everyone starts the new year out with gym memberships etc, but I really think I can do this! One day at a time. Wish me luck

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