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Can't find an image - google search savants, please c'mere

10 years ago

In the last few days I came across an image, didn't think I'd need it, but now I do. It isn't bookmarked and I have far, far too much history to scroll through.

I wonder if anyone has seen this or can find it?

It was a bathroom. I think I found it when I was looking for exposed shower plumbing. The bathroom walls were pink or peach. It was a property in New York. I believe the shower stall was open and a bit curvilinear? The tile was white, but the shape and way it was laid looked like a hardwood floor. It was thin rectangles laid vertically, and offset IIRC. It almost look like a beadboard or shiplap shower surround.

I think it was on Houzz. I think someone in comments asked about the tile, but no answer was given.

Ann Sacks makes a matte white 4x16 tile, and I think that may be it. If it is, I want to use it in one of the new bathrooms.

Thanks in advance.

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