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Maytag Bravo vs Whirlpool Cabrio

12 years ago

So as I wait out this hurricane, I am trying to hone in on a W/D choice. Because of a bunch of factors (depth of my space, top-loading HE, etc), I am down to the Bravo and the Cabrio.

I searched past posts and found a lot of pretty conflicting info on each. (Although Mara_2008, you do a great job stumping for your Bravo over and over! Very informative.)

Can anyone help me with their thoughts on each of these machines, specifically? Or is there anyone who has chosen between them and can tell me how it has panned out?

Part of my issue is that if you read enough reviews, you find a "problem" with every machine. I guess I'm looking for the one that is least likely to end with a repairman at my house. Thanks very much in advance for the help!

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