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I HAD to buy it (Craigs List)

14 years ago

but I'm not sure where I'll put her. :) The ad said "Original J.R. Bauman Model 18 normal, female manikin, with wire cage bottom on rollers. Made in 1942 at the designer factory, located at 13w 26th st, New York, New York. In good condition."

I had to drive to a little town near here (30-40 miles) to see her but it was love at first sight. And then the seller's story made me love her even more. She belonged to his wife that passed away a little over a year ago and it had belonged to her grandmother. His wife and her grandmother sewed together a lot. He didn't really want to part with her but he's selling his house to do some traveling. With tears in both of our eyes he gently loaded her in my car and now she's in her new home. After I got home I emailed him to see if she had a name and he gave me his wife and grandmother's name so I could choose one of them.

We are remodeling bathrooms, closets, repairing sheet rock and painting the house so please excuse the mess.


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