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My New Fabric Softener = Ultra Downy Free & Sensitive

12 years ago

I have to tell you guys how much I LOVE this product! I was never happy with the mainstream scented fabric softeners, including Downy's scented varieties. First, I couldn't stand the artificially sweet scents. Second, something in those scented formulations make my clothes feel waxy - I suspect it's whatever ingredient they use to make the smell last such a long time.

Then I stopped using FS (fabric softener) for a while, which was fine but ultimately unsatisfying. My clothes came out of the dryer feeling more natural, yet something was missing. I tried Seventh Generation, which worked well and did not leave my clothes with an objectionable scent. But it still didn't quite soften to my liking.

Enter Downy. The Free & Sensitive version does not leave my clothes feeling waxy and contains no objectionable scent. I add some citrus and lavender essential oils to the FS dispenser along with the Downy and I have the most heavenly soft, fresh smelling clothes ever! I thought I had reasonably soft towels before, but after using this product now I realize what it was that I had been missing. The feeling that my towels were soft and fluffy like puffy white clouds. That's how they feel now, and no absorbency issues.

I'm sure Ultra Downy Free & Sensitive does not get very good marks for being green or environmentally friendly. I do so many other things in my everyday life to be environmentally and socially responsible that I may allow myself this one indulgence! This product is worth it just for what it does to my towels. I feel like I have brand new towels!

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