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Need help please! Decisions on new Lennox heat pump system

13 years ago


I am trying to get a good sense of whether or not we should be signing a contract for a new heating system with a company. We are trying to use the Costco program, which contracts out to a large HVAC Co. (licensed, bonded, etc) in Oregon. As we are trying to do the Costco program (you get a good chunk of money back by doing so - a $1000 costco card, and 3% back on using your Costco Amex and Exec membership) - all of the extra perks make it seem like a pretty good deal. We have a home that is currently only electric baseboard/pellet stove heated, so, no ducting! So, included in our quote, is that element of fabricating new ducts etc. But... I'm a little leary over a few items that we've had to deal with the contractor, and unfortunately they are the only Co. in our part of Oregon that Costco deals with. First, the estimator has told me that in order to have a J Calc done, we'd have to pay for 3-4 hours of time to have it done, and that in his 15 years of experience, he knows how to size a home. But, one estimate that we received was for a 4 ton system, his is for a 5 ton. I'm not thinking that he's completely off base (our home is 3500 sq ft, open architecture with vaulted ceilings, and about 40 window facing down hillside of our home), but shouldn't a company do a manual J calc if you're going to buy for them? Also, he initially quoted me for the XP17 with the CBX27UH air handler, which doesn't even qualify for the federal rebate - I had to tell him that! So, we moved to the CBX32MV, and I told him we wanted a price for the MERV 16 filter - he told me $450 to add on the HC16. Then I realized that that was essentially the CBX40UVH air handler with a built in merv 16. When I inquired about the price of moving to that air handler, it was only an additional $200. Shouldn't he have thought of that?!

Also, he told me that in order to get the Costco rebate, you forgo the lennox rebates.. but as I got to thinking about it - it didn't make sense - they are two totally separate entities - and the Lennox rebate is coming from Lennox - why would he withhold that from us? I've put an email to Costco's corporate to check on this before we sign, b/c it looks like we should be qualifying for anywhere from $700-$1200 of a Lennox rebate, depending on some last decisions re: t-stat and the air quality systems piece.

So - now to the quote - currently, with the XP17 5 ton system, with a CBX40UVH air handler with built in MERV 16 filter, all ductwork, labor, install, materials, Lennox 5000 T-stat (honeywell 8000, I believe) we are at $15499. To add the Icomfort t-stat is an additional $250.

The rebates currently (or supposedly!) available to us are the $1500 federal, a $1000 Costco cash card, $450 Oregon energy Trust and $350 Oregon State. Also, 3% cash back comes to around $470 - so after all rebates (not including Lennox manufacturer as of right now, since he says this isn't available to us.. I'm not buying that just yet), our total is: $11730.

I do believe that Costco is going to tell us that we should qualify for the Lennox rebates, and in that case, it would be at least $700 off, depending on which t-stat we choose, up to $1200. For us, it seemed like the best deal we were going to get - I got 2 other local bids, and the out of pocket was right around 15000 for the same set up from the other co's, but of course the extra Costco cash back and card make this very attractive.

I'm wondering if this seems like a reasonable quote for that amount of work and for that particular system. Also, should I press the issue of a manual J calc? I'm figuring that if Costco comes back and says that there is no reason why using the Costco program excludes us from the Lennox rebates, I'll just go straight to the company owner and take it up with him. I did explicitly ask about those rebates, and the estimator told me you "give up those for the Costco rebates.." Seems strange, right? Wish this wasn't so complicated!

Thanks for any help/advice/insight you might be able to provide and apologies for the long post - just wanted to include all details.

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