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Quote for Lennox heat pump / air handler

9 years ago

The blower on my 27 year-old TRANE air handler recently gave out. I was considering replacing the 9 SEER XE900 Heat Pump in a couple years anyway so I got a quote from the same place the diagnosed the blower problem and based off the research I've done online the pricing seems exorbitantly high. I'm going to get further quotes, but I want to know if these prices are way out of the ballpark they should be in.

I live in Western WA, and the install would be fairly simple as everything can be run through a roomy attic. This would be replacing a 3 ton system.

I was given 4 options, and all options used the CBX32MV Air Handler, which alone was quoted at $4,140 installed. All options also had the i-comfort wifi thermostat @ $578 installed.

In hindsight, I'm not sure why I wasn't given any quotes with less expensive air handlers, like the CBX25UHV or even the CBX27UH. Not sure why I "need" the CBX32MV over these less expensive models. $4140 for just an air handler seems insanely high.

The prices (pre-tax) I were given were:

XP14 HeatPump (16.5 SEER) / CBX32MV / i-comfort: $9,551
XP17 HeatPump (17.7 SEER) / CBX32MV / i-comfort: $10,683
XP21 HeatPump (19.2 SEER) / CBX32MV / i-comfort: $11,562
XP25 HeatPump (23.5 SEER) / CBX32MV / i-comfort: $13,087

Are these prices reasonable? Is there any reason not to go with a less-expensive air handler like the CBX25UHV? Would I be better off installing a NEST for half the price of the i-comfort? Thanks for the help.

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