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LG washer shrinking clothes on cold! Please help!

11 years ago

I purchased a fancy LG WM3470HWA washer back in April, and after several months of denial, I finally came to the conclusion that my washer was shinking my clothes, to the point where they are not wearable, and I never, ever, dry them. I've been hang drying my clothes for years, because I do not like it when clothes shrink, and I've never had a problem like this with as washer.

I called LG, and whoever I spoke to was clueless, and told me to wash my cotton clothes on the cotton setting, which actually uses warm water. I've been using either the cold, or tap cold setting the entire time. I recently switched to the hand wash cycle on cold, because I read that sometimes the agitation from the washers could possibly be shrinking them. However, this has not helped.

I just read that the cold setting uses some warm water to help dissolve the detergent, and that I should use the tap cold cycle to avoid this. I've been using both cold, and the tap cold cycle, and was clueless as to what the difference was because there is nothing in the manual about it. I only found this information on some far corner of LG's awful website.

Does anyone know what the Coldwash (tm) special function is? All it says in the manual is that it saves energy. Well how is that different then just using cold water? I love how they advertise these special setting, yet give almost no information as to what they do.

After I called home depot, they sent out an LG repair man, who checked out my machine to find nothing wrong, and had never heard of cold water shrinking clothes. And, yes, we both checked the hook ups, several times, as did the home depot installer when it was hooked up.

My only options are to sell this thing at a loss, or try to call LG, but I'll I get on the phone are useless customer service representatives. Is it a high efficiency washer thing that is doing it? Were my old washers always stretching out my clothes so now this one isn't? Is it the tide HE detergent?

I'm beating my head against a wall after spending 1K on a fancy washer, and all I get is a machine that ruins maybe 2K worth of clothes.



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