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What time do you eat dinner?

9 years ago

I would like to eat a bit earlier than we do, but it seems we normally eat at 8:00 PM and generally have Chelsea Lately on the TV, which we can see in the dining room. Kevin tends to work late, and I usually do not start cooking until he gets home, but I should probably not take that into consideration, since he will generally eat whatever I make, providing he has an appetite. I guess I am afraid that some evenings he will not want to eat, and then I will have a lot of leftovers with no room to store them. Kevin should really be going to the Sony gym after work, but then he would be getting home even later.

On week-ends I normally make breakfast or brunch for both Saturday and Sunday, but lately I've been buying scones at Trader Joe's for one of those meals, and occasionally we go out. We eat dinner earlier on Saturday and Sunday because I am more time to plan for it.

What scheduling problems do you have?


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