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Another puppy question...what do people who work do with puppy?

14 years ago

Okay, so this four-legged baby has had my undivided attention for five weeks now. But I work from home and have lots of work to do and jumping up to deal with her every few moments is tough.

For four days, I was out of town and my dear step-daughter took care of "Teddy". My stepdaughter left for work at 8 in the morning and a petsitter came by at 10 and took Ted for a 30-minute walk and daughter came home at 12 and left at 1 pm and then the petsitter came by again at 3, with step-daughter home at five pm.

So, is that what working people do with their puppies?

I have a book proposal that is way, way past due and I need time to work on it. I'm just wondering, do people who work get puppies and how on earth do they manage?

Right now, I keep Teddy on leash and keep her tethered to me most of the day and then she's out in the yard part of the day and then she's in her crate for three hours for her afternoon nappy.

What do working people do?


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