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Ceiling Light or Ceiling Fan/Light Combo

10 years ago

Hi folks,

I was hoping you could kindly share your suggestions on this topic. I'm currently having a new construction home being built outside of Baltimore. I'll have 4 bedrooms on the top floor and I opted for the builder to install the hard wiring in all the bedroom ceilings, so that I could later install either a ceiling light or ceiling fan/light combo. My first priority is that whatever it is, it has to provide ample lighting for the room. I understand the benefits of having an overhead fan because if one person in the house feels hot, he/she can simply turn on their ceiling fan without having to turn on the central air. But the problem is that all the ceiling fan/light combos that I have seen in stores and online provide just accent lighting and don't really appear to be a primary source of lighting. So I imagine if I were to purchase one of those units, then I would also have to having a floor lamp in each bedroom as well. On the flip side, if I just install a ceiling light (without fan), then I would probably need one of those floor fan towers at some point. We have a 'chicken and egg' thing going on here:)

Greatly looking forward to reading any feedback you could share!

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