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Linoleum-hardwood floor at the top of a carpeted stairway

13 years ago

I want new flooring.

I've been putting money back for a few months for new flooring. I HOPE by the end of next month I can get it.

Here is my situation:

The back door and kitchen is on the north side of the house.

The front door on the east.

If you enter my backdoor you come across a small backporch, turn left in a hallway for a few feet and to the left is the kitchen and dining room. To the right of the dining room is the front door. At the end of the hallway is the stairwell leading to my basement. It is also carpeted.

This area(s) is a freeway through my house.

High traffic from back to front door.

Actually the carpeting in my house is in decent shape except for this pathway. It is practically thread bare. (Note: I have linoleum in the kitchen. The carpet meets the linoleum at the hall way and the dining room. This is where the most wear is showing on the carpet.)

I want to put a hard finished flooring down from the back door, in the hall, through the kitchen and dining room to the front door.

Are ya with me?

Here's my dilemma...or not...

Do you see a problem with a hard surface (like linoleum) leading to the edge of the stairs? Or maybe I should put hard flooring installed down one step then resume with the carpeting? Or should I put a hard finished flooring on the the entire stairway and put a runner on it?

Carpeting on steps can be a real pain in the butt...perhaps extending the linoleum down the steps in the answer?

I don't know.

I'm so confused.


Un-confuse me....


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