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Linoleum 'rug' on hardwood floor in cat room?

14 years ago

Hi all,

I'd love to get input/advice on this from you all.

We have hardwood floors throughout the house, and we have four cats. (My husband had two and I had two when we met - there's no way I'd ever intentionally get four cats!)

Anyway, there's one sunny room the cats spend most of their time in, and I currently have a sisal area rug in there - to protect most of the floor and for looks. However, I have to vacuum the rug like crazy and and can never get it totally clean. I have been considering getting a large scrap of linoleum (real linoleum, not vinyl) and making a "floorcloth" out of it for that room. It could function as an area rug and protect the floor from the cats and look nice, but I'd be able to wipe off any hairballs and get all the hair off it too.

Does that sound feasible? I read something that vinyl will ruin hardwood. Will linoleum? What if I put cloth, felt or canvas on the bottom of the linoleum? Any way to make this work? Alternatives?

Thanks a lot!


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