Large Painting I Can't Use: WWYD????

10 years ago

I need advice and/ or suggestions. I have this lovely original painting (see below pic) that I just can't seem to find a good spot in my house for. I'd store it away until some future time that I *might* be able to use it, but for the time being there's no place in my Spanish Colonial/ Western home for it and I'm not planning on changing the decor in the foreseeable future. Plus, I'm afraid that it's going to get ruined just sitting propped up behind a door someplace.

DH loves it, but thinks we should sell it before something happens to it. I don't want to donate it. It's too big (34" x 28") to sell on Ebay, as packing it up and shipping it would get very pricey, I think. Plus, I've heard too many bad stories about people not paying, etc. I'm a bit leery of Craig's List, but my friend suggested that it might be the best option, as long as I met a buyer in a very public place and not at my home. I could, I'm sure, sell it at our local, very nice consignment shop, but they'd take about 40% of the sale price.

The artist is Mott. I'm thinking that it's one of Linde Mott's pieces and have an email to her to find out if it is and how much it's worth.

So, what would you do? Any advice? If I did try to sell it on Craig's List, what should I price it at: whatever it's valued at? A percentage less? I'm needing a solution to this dilemma and hope to get it sold before the holidays, because it's so darn big . . . and because I LOVE it, and don't want to change my mind and let it sit behind a door here for the next 20 years.

Thanks for any and all advice or suggestions!





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