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Heat pumps: oil backup and scroll vs 2 spd recip compressor

15 years ago

I'm looking at replacing my 15 year old AC and oil furnace with a heat pump and was hoping someone could address the following issues:

1. I'm considering either a Carrier Infinity 16 SEER two speed or Performance 15 SEER single speed compressor. I noticed that the Infinity 16 is a reciprocating compressor and the Performance (as well as the Infinity 19) uses a scroll compressor.

Will I notice the difference in the temperature of the heat coming out of the vents between the two units? I've read that scroll compressors produce slightly warmer air, although I've also heard that two stage has additional energy saving and humidity control benefits. Regardless of the outdoor unit, I plan to go with the infinity control and a variable speed air handler. I have a 2400 sqft (plus basement) home and 3.5 Ton unit. The infinity only comes in 3 and 4 ton models, so the contractor recommended a 4 ton 2-speed outdoor unit.

Another issue -- I've considered a hybrid heat system with a variable speed fan oil furnace as backup heat since I already have the oil tank installed. However, it appears that at $4.00+ per gallon oil and Thanks,


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