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What size unit should I get, including dehumidifier?

14 years ago

NOTE: I have posted a question as to what parameters to use for the Manual J calcuation in another thread, but will presume that my current conservative values are proper.

Here are the maximum load values for my project (BTU/hr):

- 30K sensible cooling

- 11K latent cooling

- 28K heating

I am committed to getting a Heat Pump, using small personal space heaters for bedrooms for the really super cold nights.) I was figuring this should be a 3.5 ton unit.

As for the dehumidifier, as I understand it, the benefit is that if the cooling unit is not running all the time (e.g., when the conditions are not at peak cooling load), then there may not be enough dehumidification.

What I don't understand is that it seems that a dehumidifier is basically an air conditioner with a heater, so why would anyone want to run a heater during the cooling season?

How would my load situation be handled by a Heat Pump and dehumidifier combination?

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