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Happy!! Happy! Happy day here!

14 years ago

Oh joy!! Remember last week when I asked for some good thoughts for DS and a job?

The foreman called mid morning told him to drive down right away!! He should be there now or close to it. Will be driving the 50 miles there and back every day for now til he gets on his feet again. Nothing you can do about it tho he has a old junker that gets about 30-40mph.

He lost a very good job last August. Had some savings and lived on that til October when he took a temporary job. His savings is gone and the temp job ended the first few days of December.

Thank goodness! He was getting scared and I was too. He has a big hospital bill and dental bill and his cell phone is in danger of being shut off cause he couldn't pay the bill. Plus he has heat and water and lights that need to be paid mid month. Now I hope he has time to call the cell phone people and arrange something, he needs that phone!

Thank you VERY much for all your good thoughts!

I'm doing the happy dance for him!!

signed Grateful Mom

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