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The loveliest book I've read in awhile.....

11 years ago

I hope it's okay to start yet another post about books...... I just couldn't resist.

I just finished The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe.

This memoir weaves its way through so many themes we have discussed here... How much books add to our lives, mothering, living a purposeful life, adult children, death, illness, etc. The author is the adult son of an amazing woman, and the book is a memoir of her last two years fighting pancreatic cancer. Honestly, I would probably be drawn to a memoir just based on that last sentence because I love memoirs. But it turns out that the mother is a former Admissions Director at Radcliffe and then Harvard, and a woman who has led many humanitarian efforts around the world, most centered around the plight of refugees. In between holding a fulltime job, raising three children, tending to her home and marriage, and traveling the world to bring attention to the needs of refugees and others, Mary Anne read voraciously. She and Will, her author-son, discuss books passionately and always with an ear toward how the plots and themes in these books apply to life. This is a book I read on my Nook, and now need to go purchase because I want to pick it up and run my hand over the cover, turning now and then to a random page just to share another visit with Will and Mary Anne. A hint: No need to frantically highlight all of the book titles discussed (as I did). They are nicely catalogued at the end.....

If you find yourself housebound by Sandy, this would be a great way to while away the hours.....

Here is a link that might be useful: The End of Your Life Book Club

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