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New Miele W4842

13 years ago

I've seen a few posting about the Miele W4840 vs. the W4842. I've had 2 W4840 models, and I am a new owner of the W4842 :) I've had it about 3 weeks now. It seems people think the only difference is the "Clean Machine" setting. There are actually quite a few differences, including a radically new inner glass door design. The glass door on the inside of the W4840 is slanted, and on the W4842, the glass door protrudes & is flat!

The day it arrived, the soap try, well actually the flap in the back of the soap try cutout was defective (it kept pushing the soap tray out) and the child entrapment feature kept activating. Miele came out with 2 days & fixed both issues.

Last night (of course late on a Friday)...when I took the clothes out of the washer and put them into the dryer, I noticed the clothes felt "grainy". There were thousands of little rubber shavings all over the clothes. I looked in the washing machine, and saw these little shavings everywhere. I ran 2 Clean Machine cycles, and they were still there. Upon looking with a flashlight, I think I have a BIG problem. The inner stainless wash drum is rubbing against the inner gray, rubber door seal. The friction is causing the rubber door seal to wear, and these little rubber shavings & pieces are getting into the wash drum (and sticking to the inside white plastic/fiberglass inner drum). Needless to say I am furious, and of course cannot call Miele until Monday (and then hope they can get someone out soon). I've had Miele washing machines for decades...but I am really annoyed about this one. 3 problems in 3 weeks kinda sucks!

The W4842 looks the same as the W4840, and besides from these issues....the build quality and materials used seem excellent. As usual, Miele tank like build quality!

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