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Wish you fixed your old washer instead of buying a new one?

10 years ago

After reading all the reviews about front load and top load washers, I'm tempted to have my 15 year old Kitchen Aid Superba fixed.

It will cost $300 for a new motor, but it has a hand care cycle and user adjusted water levels. Plus, I don't have to wash it once a month, worry about mildew or twisted clothes. It also has a really fast cycle. While the new HE washers use less water, they also take longer to run a cycle, so more electricity is used. I can't understand how that is energy efficient. Where I live, electricity is coal generated, so the electricity usage is a concern.

Do any of you wish you had repaired your old washer instead of buying a new one? I am wondering if that will buy me some time and hopefully there may be some improvements on the HE washers. I can't find a single washer or brand that gets consistently great reviews, and I don't know that decreased water usage makes up for increased electricity usage.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your opinions.

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