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What's Your Favorite New Kitchen Tool?

9 years ago

I like kitchen tools. I think most of my cooking spoons were my mother's extras. They're very good quality and they haven't changed the spoon much in my lifetime. I've obtained a spider, a skimmer and a few silicone scraper-spoons, but basic cooking spoons and wooden spoons are the same ol'. OTOH, I must have five reamers of different configurations for different purposes, all of which I acquired myself.

I saw this tritan plastic cutting wheel at the restaurant supply a couple of weeks ago, and had to have it. I've always used an old chef's knife that was a gift when I was in college for cutting dough. It's long and tall and heavy and does a great job of parting dough, but it's still sharp enough that it can't be used on a silpat. Recently, for pizza dough, I've been carefully using a bench scraper, which works, and isn't really sharp so doesn't dent the mat if one doesn't press hard, but it's not really long enough, so is awkward, and the dough sticks. This little goodie, however, cuts through pizza dough like it's nothing, the holes prevent sticking, and the edges aren't sharp and are fine on the mat, and it just runs along however wide the ball is. It's more like using a rotary fabric cutter than a pizza wheel. :) Zoom!

So they make it for cutting things like marshmallows. You can dip it in flour or sugar (edit: which gets in the holes) leaving a dusting behind on the sticky surfaces as the wheel passes. How clever is that?

BTW, I went in for a big sifter, and ended up with one that holds three pounds of flour but is easier to hold than my old, small sifter. :)

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