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What's your favorite part of your new kitchen?

9 years ago

We had to replace our 5 year old Electrolux dishwasher yesterday, which was definitely not part of the plan! It is just a few months out of the extended warranty and the motherboard is bad, again. We found a good deal on a Bosch 800 Series dishwasher which we installed yesterday, but it was an expense and delay I was not expecting. So, with things are not going exactly as planned, I need a little distraction!

My kitchen is not quite complete, but I am finding the little things to be the ones I think to myself, why didn't I do this years ago! Like the air switch for the garbage disposal, no more reaching to the corner to turn it on. So simple yet so darn practical! Another of my favorites is my microwave drawer, and to think I almost nixed it. We don't really use the microwave all that much and it was expensive, but what a great idea. I usually reheat leftovers for lunch and I am loving the microwave drawer. Also, the two tiered utensil drawer insert, love that thing!

So do tell, what is your favorite part(s) of your new kitchen?

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