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OLD top load Maytag washer-slow agitation-grrrrr........

I have a quite old Maytag top load washer. If possible, I'd like to try fixing it myself and extend its life, as it has served me so well. I've done some reading on line, but don't find much of anything on 'slow' agitation. Everything I find is for 'No Agitation'. I almost feel that my clothes are just soaking as opposed to swishing around and getting a good washing.

I am not overloading it, but do find it agitates a 'little' faster when washing just a few small items, but that is really small loads, and sure a waste of water and energy.

There are 2 choices of Regular Wash or Gentle Action The Regular Wash button is engaged, though I have not compared the 2 to see if there 'might' be a difference in the agitation.

Might it be a loose or worn belt? No where on line does it address this. It spins out fine with no excess moisture in the clothing. It has recently started giving a short squeal when the spinning cycle stops.

What would you advise?


Sue...who will have help probably

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