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Need help finding a top load non he washer with an agitator

11 years ago

Hi all. I am selling my Electrolux iq touch for 750. I have a new baby coming and a 2 year old now and I'm just tired of the long washes of the iq touch. Literally an hour for any wash and the fast wash does not clean heavily soiled clothes well enough. So I've been looking for a new washer for about the 400-700 dollar range. I'd like an agitator and one that's not an he machine. Are there any out there. I saw a 3.4 cf whirlpool with xtra roll that has an agitator. What top load can handle sheets as well an maybe a full sized comforter. I'm just looking for one with the regular cycles of previous top loaders. But almost everything I see has no agitator and I don't want that. Also saw a ge 3.9 with an agitator. So what's my best choice?

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