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I'm a little sad today

16 years ago

DH just left to take my DGS back to Granbury,TX (where he lives).He has been here since the 23rd.He will be going somewhere the end of this month for training,then will be deployed to Afghanistan anytime,maybe as late as Sept. or could be sooner.He is 23 and my first DGS.He has been in the National Guard for 2 years and has had some rough times the last year with a marriage breaking up.He went active after that and was suppose to go to Iraq last August.For some reason the army kept delaying but he has been real frustrated,sort of in limbo I guess.Since he went active they told him not to get a job because he could be deployed at any time. He has been living in a classroom and has to move all his stuff out when they have classes.He has access to a microwave and refrigerator and that's about it.He was suppose to be deployed this month but his (and 3 other guys in his unit) orders got messed up and they aren't even getting paid! I don't understand how all that works but it sounds screwed up to me.So he has no money and is waiting and waiting and waiting for the Gov to make up their minds what they want him to do.They won't let him get a job in the meantime but they aren't paying him either.DH will give him some money when he drops him off so maybe he can at least eat until time for him to go to his training.

Anyway.......Didn't mean to whine but it just breaks my heart for my babies to be hurting.He really enjoyed his visit though.Ate us out of house and home but that's OK too.My 18 year old DGS was here too so between them both there is very little food left in the house!Boy those guys can put it away! They are both over 6 ft. tall and skinny as a rail.Guess they didn't get any of my fluffy genes!LOL They had fun playing X Box games until all hours of the morning.

Everyone have a good day! They aren't brothers.The oldest is my oldest DD's son and the other one belongs to my oldest DS.

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