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DH laughed, ' I did it once this year'..

12 years ago

dusting the shelves. He has the usual Irish charm and after 40 years that sweet look from under his eyebrows still makes me blush.

It got me to thinking about how we divide up tasks in our homes and lives and how they change /evolve over the decades. We have no kids, then we have kids. They grow up and leave/come back and parents come into our homes and leave us...forever. Grandchildren enter the picture...or not. Perhaps none of the above.

We get older and lose some abilities through age or illness. We have things we like or don't like to do and some things we are good at or...not.There are things that simply have to be done....grunt work if you will. Many times our partners are simply "blind" to the need for certain tasks to be done. It is important to you but to them...not so much.

In your home, with your spouse or SO how do you decide what gets done and by whom ? Let's leave out the kids chores and activities I am more interested in the adult interplay.

Here is how we currently " divide" tasks in our household of 2 retired healthy adults. We have been married almost 41 years. The distribution of work has greatly changed over the decades.

I do all the baking.

DH cooks about 75-100% of the dinners at night.

DH does all the dishes/unloads and loads the DW.

I put away leftovers and wipe up things.

We pay bills together once a month.

I do all the laundry.

I do the vacuuming and dusting ( see above thread title) mop floors and clean bathrooms. If I am gone for weeks/months DH does all of the these.

We do all shopping and errands together on bicycle one time a week.

I pull the trailer on my bike and DH carries in the groceries and puts them away.

I edge the yard.

DH mows the grass.

We both sweep and pick up the piles together.

We both rake and DH chops the leaves with the mower and I spread them in the garden.

I do all the flower gardening . DH helps if needed with anything I can't do.

DH and I share the house painting .

Odds and ends get done by whoever knows how to do it best, or thinks they do LOL or/and cares about it or is available.

How do you do it ? c

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