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I want to try something new and need help - meal planning

15 years ago

Ok, I never really give much thought to meals ahead of time but my kids have a busy, busy schedule starting in 2 weeks and I thought for once in my life I'd try planning out a few meals.

I've absolutely no idea how to do this.

My goals are:

  • Shop once a week instead of every day
  • Plan meals so making dinner one night will leave just enough food for dh to take to work the next day and for me to eat lunch. (We don't currently eat leftovers but this has to start now, but I don't want so much that we toss.)
  • Meals should be doubleable (is that even a word) so one can go into the freezer for a future meal, cooked or raw is fine so long as there are good instructions. All the food currently in my freezer is either baked goods or raw ingredients - no meals.
  • Use leftovers to create a totally different food so no one knows it's leftovers.

I have a crockpot, pressure cooker, basically everything - my friends don't call me the kitchen diva for nothin' ya know. I can cook most techniques and do them well. Only thing I don't do is the outside grill and I'm not going anywhere near a fire - gas, wood, open flame.

Restrictions: We don't eat pork, I'm deathly allergic to shellfish, we don't mix dairy and meat. Not all meals need to meet dh's requirements which are gluten free; dairy free; tomato, pepper and potato free; soy and derivative free; no refined sugars.

So how do I start. Will you guys help me with my first week.

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