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Help me choose between these 2 Trane systems.....I am at a loss..

15 years ago

As I explained in my previous post, I am having a new system installed in my house. Furnace and AC. I have decided on a Trane, even after getting some other bids on both carrier and lennox.

I now have to decide between 2 Trane systems. Now dummy me, I thought all XV95 systems were the same, and it was not until I compared model numbers between bids that I realized they come in different sizes, etc.

So now I have to decide between 2. The company I selected feels confident the 100BTU system will do just fine, but bid both so I can make a decision. Both other companies selected the 120BTU one.

I had one of those calculations done (sorry, forgot the name), and have a spreadsheet of the results (heat loss calc etc). Not sure which part of the spreadsheet I would have to put here to help you all out.

Live in Utah, 2 story house, about 25 windows, finished basement. Winter can get around 20 or so, summer up to 104. No humidity.

Here are the 2 different set-ups:

System one...5 ton 120BTU furnace blower:

120BTU XV95 model # 2UH2D120A9V5VAA

4 ton XL161 AC model #4TTX6048B1000A

5 ton coil 4TXCD061BC3HCA

$7,500 After rebates and incentives

System 2 with 4 ton coil and blower:

100BTU XV95 model# TUH2C100A9V4VAA

4 ton XL161 AC model #4TTX6048B1000A

4 ton coil 4TXCB048BC3HCA

$7,300 After rebates and incentives

I will copy and paste part of the heat calc spreadsheet here. If you need more info, just let me know. I need to let him know by tomorrow which system I want.

Infiltration 83 13 390 32346 5217 5695 918

Sub Total Heating BTU's 96098 15339

Duct Loss HTG 1 0 0

Total Heating BTU's 96098 15339

CFM Heating 0 0

People and Appliance 7200 3000

Sensible Gain BTU's 38723 11258

Duct Gain CLG 1 0 0

Total Sensible BTU's 40659 11821

Latent Cooling BTU's 1840 460

Total Cooling BTU's 42499 12281

CFM Cooling 2071 602

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