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Help me decide between Trane bids

13 years ago

I would love to get some input as to what system would be best for my situation.

I live in the state of Utah, and currently my gas bill is $120 year round and my electric is about $320 year round. I currently have an 80% efficient carrier furnace which seems to work fine but has a dinging sound every once in a while. AC broke completely and needs to be replaced. Both are 15 years old.

I received several bids, and I have decided to go for a Trane system because of their financing terms.


100 BTU 95% two stage furnace (TUH2C100A9V4VAA)XV95

16 seer AC XL161 4TTX6048B1000A XL16i

4 ton Trane R-410A coil 4TXCB048BC3HCA

Multi stage 7 day programable auto changeover

$10,315 before rebates

$7,315 after rebates (including tax rebates)


Trane XV80 TUD100R9V5K

XL161 cooling 4TTX6048B1000A

5 ton coil (seems to be non-Trane to meet tax rebate): 4TE5066021027U

$8633 before rebate

$6133 after rebate (including tax rebate)

I live in a two story home with also a finished basement. About 25 windows, front of house facing North. About 4000 square feet.

I am a single Mom and have absolutely no one who can help me decide, and I am going nuts trying to make the right choice.

1: should I replace the furnace?

2: Is there a better combo out there that would my needs better/cheaper?

3: Do I need the 16i AC or is the 15 a better choice?

4: are these reasonable bids (it also includes putting an extra vent into my bedroom ceiling, the room that gets the hottest as it has 2 windows facing West)

Would LOVE input!!!

As a PS: I am more concerned with cooling than with heating. Never had a problem getting my house warm enough. Cooling it sufficiently has been the problem.

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