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basement + 2 stories, new build--how many 'zones'?

14 years ago

Our last house was a 2-story on a finished basement, built 13 yrs ago in central IL. Above-grade space was 2750 sf (no bonus room) with 1100 sf in basement. One HVAC unit more than adequately supplied the whole house (we upgraded when we built). Now I know they don't traditionally have hot summers in central IL, but there were days in the 100s, and our house was always just where we wanted it to be (cool!).

My question is for a new build in hotter NC -- it'll be another 2-story (3480 sf w/ bonus room) plus another 1700 in daylight basement. Can the downstairs unit supply the 1st floor AND basement with a separate unit just for the 2nd floor, or do we need 3 separate units--one for each level (seems overkill)?

In our last house, we kept most the ducts in the basement closed during summer because it was always so cool down there anyway.

I just want to be the most efficient and cost-effective we can be, etc.

Thanks for your opinions!


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