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what causes cloudy and shiny spots in hardwood floor?

13 years ago

We have hardwood floors with a Swedish matte finish. While cleaning the floor today I noticed a couple problems. In one instance, it looked like someone had left a damp towel on the floor and that area now looks cloudy. In another area there are some shiny spots near our front door and shoe rack that I thought, at first, were wet spots. When I went to dry the area, I realized that the floor was dry and that something had caused the finish there to go from matte to very shiny. The spots are about the size of someone's heel--as if something had been stepped in and walked into the house.

We are a shoeless house, so it's possible it is from someone's sock. But the question is, what could it be that would ruin the floor finish like that?

What happens to hardwood floor if a small puddle of water does not get dried right away? (Not necessarily to the seams, but to the actual boards)

What happens to a hardwood floor finish if dog urine does not get cleaned up right away? (We also have a new puppy so anything is possible.)

Is there anyway to get rid of the shiny spots or cloudy spots or to make them less noticeable? Thanks very much for your advice.

btw, we have the same flooring in our kitchen. And despite the many drips, etc., that do not get cleaned up right away in there, that floor does not have any of these problems, so I am completely stumped as to what could be causing it near the front door.