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Removing Hardwood Glued to Hardwood

12 years ago

Hopefully someone can get me pointed in the right direction... I have a number of areas where the flooring needs to be repaired. We've moved/removed some walls, added French Doors, etc. so I have some gaps in the flooring that needs to be repaired. I have this situation in 3 or 4 different rooms so I don't/won't tear out the entire floor.

It's engineered bamboo glued to a previous floor, not sure what that floor is (previous owners put in the bamboo), and that floor is on top of what appears to be the original floor.

I may have to simply fill in the missing pieces, but then I have a row of (very, very small) planks all starting on the same line.

Since these planks all start at different points I don't think I can use a circular saw to cut just those pieces (and the floor below, or maybe the two floors below, or maybe the two floors below and the subfloor) out.

Any ideas? Just use a hammer and chisel and try to get the top flooring to separate from the floor beneath it? And of course it's tongue and groove.

I have searched and read several post along these lines, but they all had to do with removing entire floors.

Thanks in advance.

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