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help me get the facts straight before installing hardwood floor

12 years ago

I have learned so much here on this forum that I know someone will be able to explain some things to me. In my research I have decided on 4" prefinished Brazilian Teak 3/4" hardwood floor for our new build. We live in north Alabama and have humid summers and mild winters. Before I order these floors I have several questions. We will be installing over a crawl space. I know that we need to put down 6 mil black plastic in the crawl space. However we are planning on spaying the foam insulation on the block walls in the crawl space. Can we safely do this with hardwood? Also the crawl space will then not be vented as the vents must be closed up to spray the insulation. Will putting a dehumdifier in the crawl space help? We have also heard that putting a humidity control on our AC system will help us keep a constant level so that we have less chance of issues with the floor. Are 4" wide planks too wide for Brazilian teak? I appreciate any help and insight you guys can give me. I want to make an informed decision and head off any issue with the flooring by taking the proper steps in the beginning to get it right. Thanks!

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