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Glue down 3/4 " X 51/2" solid red oak?

10 years ago

We have had a recommendation from the flooring finisher/installer to glue down the solid red oak flooring due to its width which is 5 1/2 inches. So it won't cup.
He checked the moisture content which was 8 for the oak and the Advantech subfloor. It is over a to-be-finished radiant floor heated basement which is currently functioning and keeping the house around 60. Moisture content in basement is also 8. We are in PA.
This house is a slow build as we are the GC; so the house has been enclosed and conditioned for almost one year and the oak has been in the house for over 8 months.
My DH will be installing the floor(he used to install for a living years ago, now does not) and we have never glued solid oak before and don't really want to do this.
We had the flooring milled and it was not T&G on the ends so we will be gluing biscuits to make up for that.
My question is for those installers who may be able to discuss the pros and cons of gluing the install in addition to the nailing.
I question whether or not you are actually preventing movement of the oak or why would you want gluing?

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