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Vinyl plank flooring: install in more than one direction?

10 years ago

I need some advice on aesthetics. As part of the renovation of a small twenty-year-old rancher we recently bought, we are about to have luxury vinyl flooring (Adura Locksolid Essex Oak) installed in three neighboring but non-continguous areas. Our contractor wants to know whether he should install the planks in the same direction in all three areas (either north-south or east-west), or whether instead he should install in different directions depending on room and hallway dimensions.

I hope my crude sketch will make the situation clear. One area to be floored is the office and adjacent hallway, another is the family room, and the third is the living room. These three areas (shown in beige) are separated by existing sheet vinyl in the foyer (blue), but each area is visible from the others. The contractor feels it would look strange to have the planks in one area running at ninety degrees to the planks in the other two areas, but I'm not so sure that it matters.

So my question is: in which direction or directions would you install the planks? I'd be grateful for any advice.


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