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Just venting...Idiot heating guys

Ron Natalie
16 years ago

I've had a Bryant gas furnace for about 12 years (when they installed gas in my neighborhood). The installing/servicing company was a real piece of work, I finally terminated them a couple of years ago after a run-in regarding the air conditioner.

The Bryant has never bee tremendously reliable, tending to drop off line with some goofy blinky light error code. There have been recalls on both the gas valve and the processor board over the years.

This brings me to this mornings problem. Woke up to a cold house. Go down stairs, furnace dead. No signs of electrical power, thermostat's battery backup is saying NO PWR. Great check breakers. Fine. Check the voltage at the furnace, good.

Open the blasted thing up. Power inside is present.

Now I open up the blower housing. This is where Bryant relocated the control board during the recall. The work was done by the bozo contractor. I had already griped about this installation for several obvious reasons. They ran the wiring hardness through a raw sheet metal hole with no sort of bushing or other protection. Also they only could get one screw into the thing to secure it. And now that the board is a foot further away than where the AC and thermostat is, rather than replacing the 2' wire inside the cabinet with a 3' one, they wirenutted extensions to both the AC and the thermostat just dangling inside the cabinet without any protection (at least this gave me a convenient place to check for voltage after the disconnect).

Well now I start tracing the AC and get down to where the transformer picks of the low voltage...hey what's this thing. There's a piece of electrical tape covering something. I peel it off and it's a contact switch that is supposed to kill the power when the cover to the fan housing is removed, except that the fact that they've misinstalled the thing means it doesn't make contact with the cover with the one screw in place, so they just defeated it with a piece of tape which has after several years worked loose enough to allow the switch to open


These clowns are still haunting me.

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