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Rift only, white oak- finish and finish order ???

12 years ago

I am nearly done laying a beautiful rift only white oak floor from Graff Bros in a kitchen/dining reno. I saw a recent thread where someone got slammed for saying she was going to finish her hardwood BEFORE cabinet installation. Before reading that, I probably would have done the same thing because my cabinets will all have a furniture leg where you can see under the decorative edge about 4".


What order do I sand, stain, finish, install cabinets? We are doing this project ourselves, so the only contractor will be the cabinet installer.

I am considering the Waterlox with a satin finish. I am hoping for a chestnut colored floor (not too dark, or light). I am trying to avoid the gray/green look that often happens with white oak. Any thoughts? Anyone have pictures of a white oak floor with Waterlox?

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