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Help! New cast iron radiators leak... (cross-posted to Plumbing)

14 years ago


We've installed new cast iron baseboards and radiators throughout the house. The baseboards are, mostly, Ok, but all radiators located on the ground and the 1st floors of the house have started to leak (see picture).


The plumber, who admitted to have last installed cast iron fixtures 8 years ago, swears, he did everything "by the book". The manufacturer (OCS Industries) came over the house to take a look, but could not figure out, what's wrong. They are offering to replace everything, but the costs of reinstallations and repaintings will be ours  and these costs exceed the costs of the fixtures themselves significantly.

As can be seen on the picture, the leaks are around one of the places, where the vent could go. Our plumber installed the vent into the different (higher) spot on each radiator. Why would they leak? What can be done except the full replacement (and hoping, that that'll fix the problem)?

Is there, perhaps, some "miracle" chemical, that could be used to seal this once and for all? Thanks for any advice.... Yours,

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