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Wool wall-to-wall vs. wood flooring

15 years ago

At the risk of showing my ignorance...though I have been trying to research my options:

I have an approximately 21 X 24 living area, that is currently wall-to-wall (icky) carpet. It is connected to my entry & dining room, both of which are some unknown wood flooring. (I think they might be a Bruce product.) There is a step-down, and then the aforementioned living area.

My options, as I see them anyway, are trying to somewhat match this wood flooring, or try to find a timeless, tasteful wool broadloom. Either way, I plan to put a nice area rug under the sitting area on one side of the room, but was then thinking of leaving the other side of the room that has the baby grand "plain" on the new flooring - whether it be wood or carpet.

I haven't found anyone locally yet who is of much help. Any thoughts would be appreciated.