It's a beautiful thing..


I have a friend, a 45 year old beautiful lady who was crazy about her husband. In January he died of a massive stroke at the age of 45. This came as a great shock to the family as his 42 year old sister was dying of breast cancer, and they never imagined lightning could strike twice so close together. His sister who had the cancer was also married and crazy about her husband as well. These 2 couples dated together in highschool, married the same year, built houses next door to each other, built a company together, and were the best of friends for 23 years as well as brother/sister and brother/sister in law. 3 months after my friends husband died, his sister succumbed to the cancer and died in April while undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

My friend now a widow, and her friend and neighbor now a widower made a pact to help each other out.. she would help make meals for his family, and help clean etc.. and he would do the yard work, repairs etc.. They took turns picking up their kids who shared the same sporting events etc... and they helped each other through the grief, telling each other things they would never be able to share with anyone else, such as the details of how their loved one died.

I have watched the two of them struggle to make sense of all of this, and over the past month I have seen a change in them.. There is hope in their eyes again, there is real laughter when they see something funny, the times of sadness though still a struggle, are gotten through with a long hug, a talk with someone who completely understands, and a chance to be happy again in the most unexpected place imagined...with each other. they are falling in love..and she came to me and asked if i thought it was wrong because it is so soon. I told her it is something i have hoped for all along... that it isn't like some guy off the street... and it is almost like it was meant to happen. I think it is a beautiful thing to see them smile again..She lost her parents in a drunk driving accident and her sister died of breast cancer at 35, she has been through so much, but i had never seen her grieve like she grieved for her husband. Even her kids are happy, so i think that says alot. I can't imagine how bittersweet it must be to be grieving and finding new love at the same time..she said they are taking it very slow..and time will tell, but for now they are thankful to have each other.

Anyone else have a story like this? I love hearing about them and maybe i could share with her.

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I don't have a story, but I agreeÂit is indeed a beautiful thing.


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I figure there are two people who love them very much looking down on them and wishing them well.

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Wow! That IS a beautiful story. What better partner than someone else who already knows your past and your loved ones as well as you do.

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this was meant to be....this was a very heartwarming story and it brightened my day.


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