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Trafficmaster Allure Vinyl Planks in Basement

14 years ago

WeÂre planning on refinishing our basement. The previous owners installed carpet over the old vinyl tiles. We had a few issues with water (downspout issues during some big rain storms) which damaged most of the carpet. Originally, we were planning on installing ceramic tiles to deal with the occasional water damage (weÂre pretty sure it wonÂt happen if we keep up with the gutters and downspouts). However, my husband tested some of the old vinyl tiles and determined that it contained a large percentage of asbestos, so we would rather not have to remove them since breakage is inevitable and thatÂs how the asbestos gets released. So now weÂre looking at using vinyl planks like the Trafficmaster Allure offered at Home Depot, which we can install over the old vinyl tiles.

If youÂve used these vinyl planks, what are your thoughts on them, especially considering that we will be using them in the basement where moisture can be a concern? I know the site says that they are water resistent. However, how accurate is that? Is it only as good as the installation? Or will we run into problems even if the install is done per the specs? Are there problems with hydrostatic pressure? I know that in some parts of the basement where the concrete slab is painted (like in the furnace room), the paint has bubbled. IÂm assuming this is probably from a high water table or moisture in the air. IÂm assuming that since this is a floating floor, we shouldnÂt have many problems. However, IÂve read that people have had problems at the seams. I wonder if that is from installation problems or not letting the planks sit in the room to get acclimated to the temperature and humidity?

Thanks so much for your help!

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