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Where's this rudeness coming from from new mommy daughter in law?

21 years ago

I am a first time grandma, and was so excited about it.

My son's wife became pregnant a month after being married last June. They both wanted this early pregnancy.

Baby girl was born 6 weeks ago. Delighted everyone.

Since the baby's been born, my daughter in law has been extremely rude to not only me, but her mom as well.

She was NEVER like this before the birth, and I'm wondering if this goes along with the post partum hormone thing?

all 3 of my children were adopted, so never being pregnant, I really don't know.

She makes comments like, the flash will blind the baby, you're holding the baby wrong, don't touch her head, you're too close, don't be grabby - I'll give you the baby.

Just rudeness and snaps at me to the point that after I leave, I cry all the way home, becasue she hurts me so.

She doesnt' think before she speaks.

I've raised 3 babies, babysat countless nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends babies, I know how to handle a baby!

I've told my son how I feel, and he's trying to keep peace, by saying give her time, she's tired, cranky, and very possesive with the baby, and wanting to be independent.

She even snappped at her own mom, for offering to babysit !!!

HELP !!! Can anyone give me some advie quickly?

I'm at my wit's end!

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