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Help Bill V or anyone ! New porcelain floor tiles coming loose!

14 years ago

We had about 600 sq ft of 20x20" porcelain tile installed about 4 months ago. Last month a couple of tiles starting making a clicking noise when you walked on them. Installer came back last week and replaced the 2 that were "clicking". Since then 5 more tiles are now clicking. I watched him pull the first 2 up. The tiles came up clean on the back, all of the thinset is stuck to the cement board but none to the tile back. Is that typical? Any ideas on what could be the problem? Of course this tile is now discontinued and I only have about 3 boxes left. This could be disastrous if they all start "popping".

This was all new flooring (new addition). So everything underneath was all new materials. I saw him put the thinset under the cement board as well as under the tile. He mentioned that he did not back butter the tiles.Could that be what caused this? The thinset was troweled onto the floor only. I still have part of the bag of mortar left, it is Mapei Ultraflex polymer modified mortar (gray). We live in the midwest and these were installed in cool dry weather. It is now warm and humid, wondering if that is why they are now starting to loosen?

Please help with any advice you may have about what has gone wrong and the best solution to fix it. Thanks so much!

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