USA made bedrooms with some style

7 years ago

Hi all.
I'm looking for a USA, American made master bedroom set. Also looking for all hardwood, and excellent quality. None of that MDF.
Also. Looking to buy new.

Seems like Hooker and Pulaski are not so good anymore. A mini-Aico seems to be better, at least it's plywood instead of MDF.

I have looked at a lot of brands that fit the bill.... But there's no style. They are very plain. I'm looking for something a little less flashy then Aico... But Aico is close to what I'm looking for, style wise. I looked at companies like Stickley and Baker, and it's very bland to me.

Seems like Kincaid and Durham fit the build requirements, but also have a bit more style.

1) Any other recommendations for excellence in build but also decorative and ornate ?

2) I also read on GW about custom local designers... But that seems like too much effort. :)

I'm in my 30s, and this is my first time looking for such quality pieces... I'm a newbie, so thanks for the help and advice.

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